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Cool Links for Kids . . .
Boy Scouts of America
Exploratorium  Don't just read about science in books, try some experiments at ExploraNet
Encyclopedia The name says it all
Study Web  Find information on History, Music, Science
The Nine Planets  The computer becomes a spaceship and helps kids travel throughout the solar system
Ask Jeeves for Kids  Jeeves can answer almost any question
Your Gross & Cool Body  The Yuckiest Site on the internet
Animal Guessing Game  The computer tries to guess an animal in a kid's imagination
KidsCom  Kids' opinions count at KidsCom
Virtual Puppy  Kids can visit their puppy online, feed and play frisbee with him
Children's Storybooks Online  Stories on the computer really come alive
American Museum of Natural History  Walk the halls of an online nature museum
Dinosaur Information Sheets  Get up close and personal with dinosaurs
National Wildlife Federation for Kids  Fun facts and activities about wildlife and the environment
The White House for Kids  Tour the president's house with his pet cat
The Computer Museum Network Computers teach about computer history on a kids computer
The Discovery Channel Online   Real-life adventures from around the globe
Summer fun  Great activities for all types of weather
10 Tips to Health Eating  Learn to live healty and have fun doing it
Earth Force  Here's how kids can help the planet
Lego Worlds  Building blocks for kids imaginations
Nickelodeon!  A ticket to Nick news, games, activities and more
CrayolaTour a crayon factory to get some creative coloring ideas